We could make beautiful music together…

You’ve probably heard that old line before, but this time I’m serious. You, me, and the world of music at our fingertips! I offer Celtic, Beginner, and Classical violin lessons as well as beginner to intermediate Celtic/Folk harp in Boise, ID.

Don’t have a fiddle? I offer rental fiddles to get you started on your musical journey. Don’t have a harp? There’s a rental harp here for you, too.

Kickin’ Celtic music starts here. What are you waiting for?Image


One thought on “We could make beautiful music together…

  1. Paul Russell says:

    Now that you mention it, I have heard that line before. And it usually turns out to be true! I’m sure that for everyone who is lucky enough to be able to learn from you, it will turn out to be true all the more.

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