Learning Resources

Resources to assist during lessons:
Ear Training MP3s for Music Theory Curriculum
Fiddle Session Youtube Playlist
Complete Fiddle Session Tune List with Video Links
Printable Violin Flashcards, from DenleyMusic.com

Violin Curriculum Recommendations:
Essential Elements for Strings, Violin Book 1
Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Complete Course
Building Technique with Beautiful Music, Volume 1

All For Strings Starter Pack:
All For Strings Violin Lesson Book 1
All For Strings Theory Book 1
All For Strings Solos and Etudes Book 1

Further Violin Books and Studies:
American Fiddle Method, Book 1
The Complete Irish Fiddler, by Pete Cooper
Doflein Violin Studies, Book 1
Mazas Progressive Studies, Book 1

Harp Curriculum:
Learn to Play Harp Beautifully Series by Pamela Bruner
Harp Exercises for Speed and Agility

Further Harp Books:
Teach Yourself to Play Folk Harp, by Sylvia Woods
Irish Dance Tunes for All Harps
Irish Songs and Melodies for Harp
Celtic Harp Solos, by Kim Robertson

Theory And Practice Videos:

This is directed towards singers, but stage fright and the concepts to help with it apply to all musicians!

Be sure to look up the neighboring video on identifying descending intervals, too!