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By this point you’re probably thinking, “Say no more, say no more! How do I get in on some of these groovy lessons?” That, my friend, is simple.

Lessons are a half hour long and held once every week. I keep my lessons one-on-one to better tailor each session to the individual student’s needs, and I take students from ages 10 upward. You’re never too old to start learning!

Lessons are paid monthly by the first week of each month and reserve four lessons in your chosen time slot. If there happens to be a fifth week in a month the studio will set which week is taken off or will use that fifth week to make up for a holiday week in another month so both months equal out to four lesson times per month. Missed lessons cannot be refunded or rescheduled since they hold your specific time slot.

My location for teaching is in Boise near Overland and Five Mile Rd. Contact me to learn more about rates and availability and to schedule a time to begin your lessons!

(208) 696-1736
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The usual “audience” during lessons. Highly supportive, they never say a bad thing!

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My Road to Instructorship

I have over twenty years of musical lessons, education, and performance with piano, fiddle, and harp. I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge in classes, workshops, and summer camps while growing up, and began teaching music when I was 17 by offering extra-curricular tutoring for young students who needed help with their practices in between lessons. In 2011 I began offering private lessons and have been happily tutoring ever since! I have also taught the Celtic music workshops at Weiser during the National Oldtime Fiddlers Competition in 2016 and 2017.

Reviews from Past and Present Students

“Rachel is a great instructor, I am a beginner at 56 and she is very patient and works on teaching me to read music as well as learning songs from the first lesson. I would recommend Rachel to anyone at any level for help. She is Awesome!!!!” – Fred A.

“Rachel is one of the most fun and knowledgeable music instructors that I have ever worked with. She is amazingly committed to music, and in my case to the fiddle in particular. She is very good at finding various ways to explain and teach concepts to her students. I felt like she played to my individual needs and strengths, and I felt supported in growing my musical abilities both in theory and practice. ” – Sam W.

“Dear Rachel: Thank you so much for teaching me new concepts on the harp. I learned a whole lot and had lots of fun! I’m so glad I decided to take lessons from you; you’ve been a great teacher. Thanks!” – Averie E.

Copyright Anna Gorin, www.annagorin.com

Copyright Anna Gorin, http://www.annagorin.com