• 11/23/17
  • Practice Everywhere to Perform Anywhere
    In which we prepare for pigeons by practicing with eagles. (Betcha never heard that analogy before!)

  • 2/28/16
  • March Madness, 2016 Edition
    In which Rachel is still alive, St. Patty’s Day is upon us yet again, and the Knitting Factory, Hannah’s, and the Olympic Pub await.

  • 2/17/15
  • Four Etiquettes for Students
    Kind of like a modern-day Aesop tale but made up of true stories involving far fewer animals.

  • 3/14/14
  • 2014 St. Patty’s Gigs
    In which many Irish megabytes make up a few gigs.

  • 1/22/14
  • Are You Inspired?
    The TL;DR version: Don’t compare yourself to anyone who’s been fiddling for longer than you’ve been alive.

  • 12/18/2013
  • Merry Musical Christmas!
    In which Santa brings Helicore strings and Coda bows to all the good girls and boys.

  • 9/14/13
  • Dances and Sessions, Death and the Domino Effect
    In which music is made both for merriment and mourning.

  • 7/29/2013
  • Maureen O’Hara: Partying in Style
    In which Maureen O’Hara turns 93 and I get so excited I can’t hold onto my bodhran tipper.